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Jack Wyatt

I wrote Jack Wyatt in 2015. The plot centered on a gold miner who receives a cursed pistol of immense power. Production began in 2016 on a green screen stage in Colorado. Given the film's technical demands, I meticulously storyboarded every shot. In post-production, I modeled digital environments from scratch using Blender, Cinema4D, and Element3D, a process that took nearly two years.

Jack Wyatt earned over fifteen accolades at film festivals worldwide and garnered over a quarter million views on YouTube.

GFH Awards


In 2013, I wrote and directed my second feature, Hold'em, which blended Texas hold 'em with horror and thriller elements. The plot centered on an underground card game with a million dollars at stake. I predominantly shot the film using handheld cinematography, with the primary location being a poker table in a warehouse. Hold'em received Official Selections at the 2014 Buffalo International Film Festival and the 2014 Scare-a-Con Film Festival.

Clay Holdem DVD
Holdem Behind the Scenes 1
Holdem Behind the Scenes 2
Holdem Premiere
Get Out Alive Behind the Scenes

Get Out Alive

In 2012, I wrote, directed, and produced my debut feature film, Get Out Alive, in Northern New York. The film pays tribute to 70s and 80s horror classics like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The plot centers on siblings Paul and Marilyn, who, while on a road trip, fall prey to a pair of maniacs and their pet monster. It was selected for the 2013 Scare-a-Con Film Festival in Syracuse, NY. It also garnered attention from the popular fan site Bloody Disgusting.

Get Out Alive Still
Get Out Alive Premiere
Bloody Disgusting
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